The Story So Far..

Keris Conlay Rugby Club was founded in 2006 by players from nearby clubs who were keen to expand the game of rugby. From our very humble beginnings, the club has made incredible progress both in terms of on-field rugby achievements and also more importantly with the vital off-field, setup and management.

Keris Conlay had been promoted to play for the first time in Malaysian Super League in 2010 after winning the Selangor League in 2009. In the first year of MRL, Keris Conlay finished second in the league table and won the Plate in the Super Cup.

Keris Conlay had been through to all the finals ever since, winning 4 out of 8 finals for the last 8 years. This is a record that had never been achieved before by any clubs and despite the ongoing success, the club is always hungry for more success. Keris Conlay also participate in local and international 7s and 10s tournament.

Off field - Keris Conlay has a diverse culture and membership base. We are truly a muticultural club that offers a warm welcoming to all players, families and friend irrespective of origin or abilities.