Rugby is our passion

It is a lifestyle that we embrace and our aim is to nuture the love of rugby in all people at every age group. Keris Conlay Rugby Academy started in 2019 from the vision of the club to provide rugby exposure and training programmes for children that combined the elements of fun and play with the principles of child development.

Realizing the importance and opportunity for rugby development in Malaysia, the academy quickly grew and we are at the stage of having more coaches to accommodate the demand. Today, we offer Programs to all age group right from a beginner to Keris Conlay Junior Team.

Keris Conlay Rugby Academy aspires to be the Gold standard for rugby sports programs in the country. We are structured yet fun programs now run all the way from children, teenagers and are conducted only by qualified and professionally trained coaches and even players. The curriculum for all our programmes adopts a common core approach. Our approach can help both children and adults to not only optimize their personal potential, but also take their talent to the next level, if they choose to do so.

Our rugby programs are interactive and each stage of its curriculum builds on the previous one by offering new skills and unique challenges. Our progressive curriculum, designed with a comprehensive understanding of child development and also adult physical ability, is continuously being improved with the latest input from sporting experts and experienced coaches.