Club Captain

Fairuz Rahman ( Fly Half )

Born in Kedah, Fairuz aka Udt had played with Keris Conlay since 2015. He had been the club captain since 3 year ago and ever since had led the club to 2 Super League title and 1 MRU 7s Title.

Position as the flyhalf, his vision and skills on the field is second to none. As leader, continuously leading the team towards greatness and provide advice to the young players within the club.

Currently playing for the national team, scoring most points in the recent ARC championship and voted most valuable player in the 2019 Super League Final


Club Vice Captain

Etonia Saukuru ( No. 8 )

Etonia aka Eto, played for Keris Conlay since 2012. Born in Fiji, he had been with the club from 8 years and he also had been representing Malaysia in the Asia Rugby tournament both in 7s and 15s.

The big no 8 had been instrumental for Keris Conlay, with his leadership and experience guiding the team to multiple success.